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:: Art From the Unexpected

Art From the Unexpected is in support of SKETCH, a charity that values creativity as much as our industry does. We are honoured to collaborate with them on this gala event.

What is SKETCH?

SKETCH is a community-arts initiative for young people, ages 16-29, who live on the margins. Based in Toronto, SKETCH engages youth from all over Canada.

SKETCH creates opportunities for diverse young people to experience the transformative power of the arts, strengthen their leadership and self-sufficiency in the arts, and cultivate in social and environmental change through the arts.

SKETCH initiatives include:

To provide these essential opportunities to the number of young people living street-involved, homeless or on the margins, SKETCH is building a 7,500-square-foot arts training and creative-enterprise at Artscape YOUNGplace (Toronto West). Join us in building this new creative hub that will transform the lives of youth and our communities. Contact Rudy Ruttimann, SKETCH Executive Director, at or visit

Why the arts?

Young people living homeless or on the margins often seek alternatives to traditional forms of education, therapy and skill building that allow them to determine the pace of their own development.

Working in the arts elevates sense of self, strengthens resilience and invigorates desire and capacity to learn more. The arts are accessible, break down barriers and reduce isolation. The arts offer a way for everyone to have a voice in how we want to live together in the world.

SKETCH celebrates and proliferates its community-arts practice to build a movement where young people, free from barriers, are celebrated and engaged as culture makers, perception changers and collaborators in building creative communities.

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