Rebecca Shropshire

VP Director of Digital Communications
UM Canada

Rebecca first discovered a passion for online marketing in 1999 when she joined Modem Media, one of the world's first internet focused agencies. She quickly embraced the pioneering spirit required to navigate a new and untested medium. Carrying this spirit forward she often found herself in roles that were newly created to address emerging needs in the marketplace.

After Modem, Rebecca spent eight years at Labatt Breweries of Canada where she helped transition the media planning department in-house and held many different positions in Marketing Services, Brand Promotions, Marketing Operations, Strategic Partnerships and Product Innovation.

Just prior to joining UM in 2009, Rebecca was building a new marketing discipline within the Astral Media Radio organization. In her time as Director of Branding and Communications she launched the first four Virgin Radio Stations in North America and managed branding, marketing and corporate communication efforts for Astral's English radio brands.

As VP, Director of Digital Communications at UM Canada Rebecca channels her energy towards helping clients realize the full potential of digital media within their overall marketing efforts. She manages talent acquisition and retention, strategic planning, process and systems, training, and digital innovation across the organization.

Rebecca holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and a Masters Certificate in Internet Marketing.